Easy Compare

Easy Compare  , e-Factory tool which can easily compare 3 different prices in same time .

Stock Delivery Price ; You can choose urgent needs orders for competitive price from %20 to %30 from market prices .

*Advantages of Stock  Delivery : You can easily order quickly . No need spend a lots of time for search price and stocks.Directly factory items with warranty of Quality.

Warehouse Delivery Price ; You can control your stock easily and you can get  product without import process and  ONLY  1 carton quantity orders .Prices down %50-60 down from market prices .

Advantages of Warehouse Delivery : You can easily control your stocks.There is no need keep big stocks.

**Easy import direct factory items  for 1 carton Quantity only.Local currency payment , easy return for any defect products.

Factory Delivery Price ; You can directly import goods  from our factory .No trading companies , no agents , Prices down % 80-100 from market prices .